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Elements of Genius

ELEMENTS OF GENIUS Primo Levi published The Periodic Table (Il Sistema Periodico) in 1975 in Italian, and in English in 1985. This being some years after he had published If This is a Man and its sequel The Truce, his accounts of his incarceration in Auschwitz. The Periodic Table is a masterpiece. It is a Read More →


I (Woodpecker) Winter sun lay warm on our backs. The grass greened by the rainstorm still wet as a tear From a leafless copse came a rapid knock unechoed across the softening air And then the quiet But a shy rebuke a distant tap, faint compromised the calm.


Loss He is learning, well behind his desperate eyes The epistemology of loss, how to stand up Knowing what every man must one day know And most know many days, how to stand up.                                           Read More →

The storm

The slow build up to the storm deceived me. The still air lay heavy on the roof. The roof supported it. I was unmoved. Though apart we were each enclosed. Then the other air came. It moved off the ocean; soft breath gathered up into a roar. Not a hat wind, a chair or a Read More →

The Tricycle

It was blue, a sort of mid-blue. The chrome was a bit pitted, flaked, with rust spots showing through. But it was my first trike. This was early in 1948. It just appeared one day, presented to me by my father in an apologetic way. He told me it wasn’t new and that trikes are Read More →

A Reading Trail

A READING TRAIL One of the great joys that reading brings to me—and I suspect to many others—is that of finding oneself at the start of a literary trail. I’m in the middle of one at the moment. And it all started with Slightly Foxed. My sister-in-law gave me a subscription for my birthday a Read More →